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It's about handing on the joy of what I have learned myself, in a way that leaves enough space for every student to make their own experiences. Cherishing your individuality, perceiving your special talents and understanding your difficulties are the most important tools in the path we go together to make you enjoy your creativity.


I will never judge you for mistakes for they are there to learn from yourself and to move forward. What we call a mistake often is a precious gift, a seed for development and great ideas. No matter if it is through your fingers on a piano, with your voice or your words, you have a whole world inside yourself to express and I'd be happy to help you making it happen. 


Some of my students started with piano lessons and at a certain point wanted to work on their voices, while others came for creative writing and ended up taking piano lessons – or do alternating combinations of different things. This makes a lot of sense to me as creativity is  a flow that, once you bring it on stream, tends to go everywhere and ever so often in unexpected places.        

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