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On the keys of a piano you can travel the whole musical world. And you can literally see how our western  halftone system works, how chords are built and melodies progress.


Unlike on other instruments the sound of a piano comes easily, it's clear and nice without you having to be the next Glenn Gould. Nevertheless, there's more to it than just pressing the keys.


I believe that your motivation is at the best when you learn to play the music you love.

I'm always trying to find arrangements of your favorite pieces and songs that fit your level and still sound like the original.

I'm teaching the whole range of musical genres from Bach to Billie Holiday, from Beatles to Billie Eilish.

I always encourage my students to experience the joy of improvisation and give stimuli how to begin and get further with it.

If you like to sing and accompany yourself on the piano you are very welcome and I will help you on your way. We can also combine voice and piano lessons.

All lessons are € 50.- each 

10 lessons €450.-

I teach in German and English at

1020 Wien, Zirkusgasse 28/5.

Please contact me.

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