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The most direct way to express yourself is raising your voice. One can hear how you feel by listening to it even if you don't use a single word.This is why a lot of people are scared of singing or claim that they "can't sing": because it makes us vulnerable.


Often we try to hide our "real" voice, even when we're just talking. We tense up, contract muscles without noticing, maybe trying to sound like somebody else. But our natural voice is such a powerful tool. It is a door to our unbroken self, our uniqueness, to emotions we've been carrying around unexpressed.


My work aims to guide you to your very own voice, to encourage you to develop and use it in a way you can fully enjoy it. Breathing techniques, body work and deep listening are part of the process as well as singing songs and improvising. 


All lessons are € 60.- each

I teach in German and English

at 1020 Wien, Zirkusgasse 28/5 

Please contact me

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