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word kitchen

A kitchen is a place where you nourish yourself and your loved ones. It is also the center of communication in every house and every apartment. Great ideas and projects had been started in a kitchen. All parties end up there.

Sometimes you know what you want to say but you don't know how. You just can't bring it on a piece of paper or your computer screen in a way that sounds right, like the thing you really mean. This is the moment when you should come on into my word kitchen.


No matter if you need a text for your new website, a press release, your artist catalogue, an exhibition, an event invitation, a newsletter or a folder, I'll be there for you with my tools and my experience. You bring your ingredients and I will handle them the way a  good cook does to bring out the best of their taste, adding the right herbs and spices, simmering them on point.


I work for artists of all sorts, small companies and entrepreneurs in creative and innovative businesses who care about people and our planet. 

Have a look into some things I did:

Prices depending on amount of text and kind of project.

Please contact me

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