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creative writing


The fact that there is such a thing called "creative writing" speaks of the strange beliefs about writing itself floating around in people's minds.

Of course not every shopping list, short phone message or email is creative -  but some are! We are producing texts for all kind of purposes all the time. Language is the most common everyday material of expression. 

Maybe this is the reason why people think that there is a special secret language for writing "really good"  or "like a writer". And there is: It is your own language!


So what is this? And how to approach it?

In my experience, you have to burn down school first and allow yourself to taste words like you did when you discovered them as a child. From there you can start to explore what they really mean to you and how to use them in order to express the things you want to say. 


Language is like clay, not like concrete. You can and have to work it till you can give it your individual shape. In my classes I'll help you with this by giving you lots of different impulses, encourage you to be playful and as bold as possible, listen to you carefully, give you detailed feedback and share my own writing experience.


The lessons and workshops are for everyone who wants to find a new approach to writing or has a specific challenge to meet.


Individual lessons in German: € 60.-

at 1020 Wien, Zirkusgasse 28/5, or online. 

Please contact me. For workshops go to events. 

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